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Ask Yourself Honest Questions

There are different reasons why people get married, just as there are different reasons why people get divorced. The obvious reason to get married is for love. But love can be different things to different people. For instance, you can fall in love, or you can learn to love someone over time. There is a difference.

One persons' love may be deeper than another's love. You can love something about a person, but not love the person. Sometimes, you might simply like someone and marry them because they were nice enough to ask. Or you could be so in love with someone that you can't see that they don't love you.

Whatever the reasons people get married, there are many more excuses to get divorced. So before asking someone to marry your, or before saying yes, think hard about it before giving an answer.

Here are some questions you need to be ask yourself before deciding to get married.

  • Do I love the person enough to want to spend the rest of my life with them? Be honest!
  • Am I ready for a long term commitment? Be honest!
  • Have I talked to someone about marriage, other than my best friend, who will give me an honest assessment? Be honest!
  • Do I think my future spouse really loves me? Be honest!
  • Do I think my future spouse is going to be faithful to me? Be honest!
  • Do I foresee issues arising in the marriage that I can't live with, and if I do, am I being true to myself, and my future spouse, by going through with the marriage anyway? Be honest!.
  • If we decide to divorce, what am I going to do afterwards? Be honest!
  • Am I strong enough to cope if my marriage is terminated? Be honest!
  • Is it worth the headache, heartbreak, and most of all, in the end, will it be worth it all? Be honest!

No one goes into a marriage looking for a divorce, unless there are issues other than love.

  • Based on statistical research, 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce, but in a New York Times report published in April of 2005, it was determined that those figures are flawed. The Times stated that statistical researchers may have based their findings on misleading data.
  • The figures were based on the number of marriages in a given year, as opposed to the number of divorce petitions that were filed. The Times report stated that those numbers are inherently wrong.
  • In essence, there are fewer divorces than what the statistics show and the report states that the number of divorces are actually declining.

But putting statistics aside, there are still a lot of divorces, not just in the United States, but around the world, and if you are caught up in one, you are probably feeling the fear and anxiety that goes with process.

Question: Why are so may people getting divorced today?

Answer: It is has become so easy to just walk away from a bad marriage and that's the way it should be, in some cases. But many people are getting married for the wrong reasons.

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