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Going To Court

If you have to go to court, you will get an attendance notice telling you the day your case will be heard. On your court date, the judge will want to know whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty to the offenses listed in the notice.

You can let the court know how you plead by going on the day your case will be heard. You can either go by yourself or with legal council. You can also send an attorney to court in your stead, or you can send it in writing.

It is recommended that you get to court within half an hour before the time you've been given. During your court trial, you or your attorney will have a chance to explain the facts of your case. Make sure you know what court you are assigned to.

If you are pleading not guilty, the case will not be heard on the date listed on the attendance notice. The court will decide a date to hear evidence from witnesses.

If you are going to court, it might be a good idea to seek legal help before your court date. You might be able to represent yourself if the crime is minor, but if the crime is serious, legal help is the best way to go.

Going to court with an attorney can also better your chances of a successful trial. If you are unsure of what your legal rights are, it might be worth your time and money to retain a lawyer to evaluate your situation and advise you on alternative courses of action.

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