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The Adolescent Millionaire
by The Beatty Boys

Teen authors, The Beatty Brothers, offer an account of common financial insecurities in their inspirational how-to book, "Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks.

Finance Layer 6

The Refrigerator Job Board

One weekend about a year ago we woke up to nothing. No mom, no dad, just a note on the stair banister saying we had no money and with no money there would be no food or place to stay. Our camping packs were packed and we were asked to leave. You have to understand our house runs strangely on a regular basis; we are thrown into situations with no clue of what to expect, like this one.

Once we were outside pitching our tent, some lady (Mom) came by announcing jobs would be posted on the fridge. They were first come, first serve.

We dropped our packs and lined up as she posted the job board. We eagerly looked at what was available and signed our names next to the jobs we would take.

Each job stated who we needed to report to and what the pay was. We could sign up for more than one; however, if we didn’t get all we signed up for done, then we’d owe the amount of money for those jobs.

It stunk to be the last one signing up because all the good jobs were taken. In the afternoon a new list was posted, and we would have a different picking order based on quality of work and time taken to get the jobs done.

In some cases we had the project manager breathing down our necks (Dad) and at lunchtime there was a little diner we could go to (Café Creatous – one of Mom’s diners she invented for her Frontiersmen game). We believe Bertha was our waitress (Mom).

After a fine meal of cracked wheat with peanut and berry squish (PB&J), we headed out to our work inspection and payroll.

This game went on for an entire weekend. It was a lot of fun and we didn’t really think there was any point, but there was. It was teaching us about quality and work ethics. You see, no matter what you are doing, whether you are making your bed or writing a paper for history, you need to do your best. It’s putting forth that little extra effort that doesn’t cost you anything but pays off continuously.

Remember you represent your business. Are you going to produce a junk product or do you want to be known for quality?

It is easy to just throw stuff together and most of the time others won’t notice or care, but you will know. Is that something you want to live with? Just floating through life without caring?

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of times when you just shove your clothes under your bed so your room looks clean, totally understandable. But eventually you will have to put them away properly, and if they stay jammed under there long enough, then you need to rewash them and pretty much start all over.

What is the quality of your products? Are they a quality that you would like to share with others?

Remember you are an example, whether you want to be or not. There is someone who looks up to you. You can influence those around you to do their best by setting a positive example.

Financial Layer 7

Pulling Weeds

With the help of our dad and mom we began a real test of our skills. For years now we have been reading financial articles, listening to our parents’ talks, hanging out with our mom while she is teaching her classes, and working with our dad on power projects. We learned about world markets and how all of economies is linked. We’ve learned about the United States Great Depression and the hyperinflation that happened in Germany . We’ve been challenged by both of our parents to come up with ideas and ways to put our skills to use.


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