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Workers Compensation Insurance

Question: What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Answer: Workers compensation insurance provides compensation to workers who are injured, or become ill, in workplace environments. Particular benefits usually depend on the severity of the injury or illness.

Question: What benefits are covered under workers compensation insurance?

Answer: Benefits include medical care, temporary disability compensation, permanent disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation, employment displacement benefits, and death benefits.

Question: Is my employer required to provide workers compensation insurance?

Answer: Under Workers Compensation Laws, employers are usually required to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees.

Each state may differ in regards to what coverage is required, so you should check under your state's labor codes. Medical institutions also may have better coverage.

Question: How is workers compensation paid?

Answer: Workers compensation policies are underwritten by an insurance company selected by your employer. Under the coverage, the insurance company agrees to pay all benefits and compensation due to an injured or sick employee.

Question: If I am injured on the job, do I have to sue my employer to collect workers compensation benefits?

Answer: Workers compensation laws were written to prevent costly lawsuits by employees. If you are injured or become ill, and it prevents you from working for a specified number of days, you can apply for workman's compensation at your state's workmans compensation office.

Under the Workers Compensation Laws, an employee cannot sue his employer if the employer has workmans compensation insurance.

With workers compensation insurance, an employer assumes all liability for injuries and illnesses to it's employees.

Question: Does workers compensation insurance cover me if I am injured off the job?

Answer: Workers compensation does not cover you if you are injured or become ill and it is deemed to be unrelated to your employment. But, you may purchase additional coverage on your own that would protect you if you are injured outside the workplace.

Note: As with all insurances, you should read and understand what is printed in the policy as far as coverage is concerned.


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