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Vocational Rehabilitation

Question: What is the workers compensation vocational rehabilitation services?

Answer: Vocational rehabilitation services is a program offered to workers who are injured on the job and cannot return to the type of work that they did before the injury. The program is designed to get injured workers back to a position in which they can become employable to a position of maximum self support.

Question: How does this program work?

Answer: The program pays for the cost of training and gives a maintenance allowance for workers who participate in vocational rehabilitation.

Question: How much of an allowance does an injured worker receive in this program?

Answer: The vocational rehabilitation program is designed to give a maintenance allowance that replaces up to two thirds of the workers lost wages income.

Question: Can the cost of vocational rehabilitation be paid in a lump sum?

Answer: It can be paid in a lump sum if the injured worker is represented by an attorney or other legal services and the case is settled.

Question: Is an employer obligated to offer vocational rehabilitation?

Answer: An employer is required by state and federal law to provide workmans compensation and vocational rehabilitation is covered under this insurance.

Question: If an employer does not have workers compensation insurance under that states labor code, what happens to the employer?

Answer: The employer may be forced to shut the doors to his business until he obtains workers compensation insurance.

Question: What happens to the employee in that case?

Answer: The employee can file a claim under the Uninsured Employers Fund. This fund is designed to handle claims by the injured employee when his employer does not have workers compensation insurance.

Note: If an employer does not have workers compensation insurance, he is in violation of state and federal codes and can be prosecuted and fined.

There are guidelines put in place by each individual state. Each state regulates it's own laws and codes to prevent fraud and criminal violations.

Note: As with all insurances, you should read and understand what is printed in the policy as far as coverage is concerned.


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