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Workers Compensation Medical Care

Workers compensation medical care provides coverage for employees who become sick or injured due to job related causes.

Under this insurance coverage, which is provided by the employer, employees are intitled to receive any medical treatment that is deemed reasonable by his or her physician.

Medical care includes doctor's visits, hospitalization, physical therapy, prescription drugs, dental care, x-rays, laboratory work, and any other care that relates to the injury or illness.

An employer is generally resposible for providing treatment for an injured or sick employee for the first thirty days from the date the injury or illness is reported. After the first thirty days, the employee is free to chose the physician or facility of his choice.

On the other hand, if an employee notifies the employer, prior to the injury or illness, that he or she has a personal physician, they may use that physician for treatment beginning at the date of the injury or illness.

There are guidelines put in place by each individual state. Each state regulates it's own laws and codes to prevent fraud and criminal violations.

Note: As with all insurances, you should read and understand what is printed in the policy as far as coverage is concerned.

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