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Long Term Health Care

Question: What is long term health care?

Answer: Long term health care is assistance needed if you are unable to perform basic personal care for yourself for a long period of time.

Question: Why may I need long term health care?

Answer: If you become ill, such as having a heart attack or stroke, or have a dibilitating injury, such as a broken back or hip surgery, you may need assisted care.

You may contract a cronic illness such as arthritis or osteoporosis, mental disorders, such as alzheimer's disease or other mental illnesses due to ageing.

Question: If I need long term care, will I have to be put in a nursing home or some other facility?

Answer: That depends on the seriousness of the type of injury or illness you have and certain other considerations. Long term care can be provided in your own home or in a local community facility.

Question: Who provides the personal care?

Answer: That depends on your ability to pay. There are two types of care that may be provided. One is called Formal Long Term Care and the other is called Informal Long Term Care.

Formal long term care is provided by skilled professionals such as registered nurses and unskilled workers who are supervised by registered nurses or other health care professionals.

Informal long term care is provided by a spouse, other family members and or friends who are usually not paid to provide care.

If you are placed in a health care facility, your care will be provided by the workers at the facility.

Question: How long does a person usually require long term care?

Answer: There are many factors in determining how long a person will have to have long term health care. Most long term health issues last for only a few months. But in many cases, long term care is needed for years or for the rest of a persons life.

Question: What are some of the factors used to determine whether or not I am taken care of at home or placed in a nursing facility?

Answer: That depends on the severity of your illness or injury that causes you to need long term care. Some illness such as alzheimer's desease may make home care impossible because the patient may need around the clock supervision.

If you are immobile, you may need to be placed in a facility because of the need to be turned regularly to prevent bed sores and blood circulation problems. And you may need physical theraphy that cannot be provided at your home.

Question: At what age should I start thinking about long term health care?

Answer: Most people started thinking about long term health care when they near retirement age. But long term health care should be considered at all ages because injuries and illness can take place any time, regardless of your age.

Understanding term life insurance is important for anyone facing health issues or who wish to provide support to their loved ones for their future.

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