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Funeral Homes

Funeral homes provide services that most of us don't want to even think about, but we can't avoid forever. When death calls, whether the deceased is a loved one, a friend, or even your own, the services of a funeral home will probably be needed in one way or another.

Funeral homes can help make it a little more bearable for family members who are going through the grieving process by offering suitable services and an understanding shoulder to lean on.

Many funeral homes are set up to take care of just about everything associated with a funeral, whether it is for a burial or a cremation.

They help with the planning by offering services such as ordering the casket or urns, supplying a chapel or visitation room, preparing and dressing the body for burial, completing all paperwork for the issuance of a death certificate, ordering flowers, plants, and floral arrangements, and modes of transportation such as a hearst, limousines, family cars, and motorcycle escorts.

With this type of help, it relieves much of the burden from the shoulders of the surviving family. But this help comes with a cost. Most funeral homes charge a flat rate fee for their service but will charge more if additional supplies and services are requested such as an outside funeral planner or an outside floral arranger.

Funeral costs and what is covered will depend on the funeral home you decide to use. Each funeral home offer different categories of services and each service is offered at a specific dollar amount. Any services you choose should be well thought out, which may be difficult during a time of grief, especially if a loved one dies unexpectedly.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a report which states that most people don't have a clue about the cost of a funeral and the expenses involved. Actually, a funeral can be the third or fourth most costly expenditure of your life.

There are many pitfall surrounding funerals, funeral homes, prepaid plans, insurance policies, and other funeral related issues. That's why it is a good idea to plan ahead.

You should always have a life insurance policy that will cover funeral expenses or a prepaid funeral plan. Some people put money away in savings accounts, T-bills, or other investment vehicles to pay for their own funeral expenses. Any of these plans are great, as long as there is enough money to cover all costs.

Since funerals are so expensive, it is a good idea to comparison shop for a funeral home that meet your needs at a cost that falls within your ability to pay.

You should understand that funeral homes are business establishments and you have to pay for the services that are offered. The difference between the costs at each funeral home may run in the thousands of dollars so you call around for the best quotes.

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