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Tips For Preventing Identity Theft In An Office Environment

Identity Theft Prevention Techniques

Identity theft is a real problem for everyone and it has grown into a major challenge for companies that handle sensitive information for it's customers, and for some of it's own employees.

Due to a lapse of security and a general lack of training in identity theft prevention, some offices have become a breeding ground for identity thieves, some of whom are employees of the company.

There are ways to keep sensitive information from being stolen from your office and landing in the wrong hands. As reported by Steven Hastert, president of ShredNation.com, all companies can do the right things to insure consumer data and identification protection and prevent security mishaps in the workplace.

  • Employee information that is stored in databases should be secured. Mobile storage devices such as laptop computers and USB thumb drives.
  • The only employees to have access to sensitive personal data should be the Human Resources Department.
  • There should be security procedures put in place for storing personal files.
  • Only authorized personnel should have access to keys where personal files are stored.
  • Never release an employee's or a customer's information to any organization or individual unless written authorization is obtained.
  • Refrain from using social security numbers on documents, even for tax purposes. If the document is not being submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), mask the first five digits.
  • Shred all documents containing sensitive information. Keep only the sensitive documents that need to be stored.
  • Implement a clean desk policy. Have all employees clear their desks of sensitive information whenever they get up to leave the office. All sensitive information should be filed away or locked in a shredding bin.

Identity theft is a major problem and the only way to protect yourself, your customers, and the general public is to take the necessary steps to make it difficult for those who are not authorized to see, or handle, private and sensitive information.

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