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Important Tips For Personal Safety While In Your Car
by John M. Roberts

When you get in your car to go to work, run errands, travel, or just drive around the corner to a convenience store, you should always have personal safety on your mind. It's not just your car that is at risk.

Auto thefts and car jacking's are real life dramas, making it more and more likely that sooner or later, it will happen to you. You are not immune to such crimes and you should never feel that your neighborhood or the areas you visit are 100% safe. No matter where you live, or where you go, you will find criminals who are waiting to take advantage of you, and in many cases, cause you bodily harm.

Although law enforcement agencies suggest that automobile thefts are decreasing, the numbers are still high. According to recent statistics, there is an incident of auto theft every 40 seconds in the United States and the odds of your car being stolen is around 1 in 300. In real numbers, the odds are really not that great.

Listed below are a few precautions that can make your driving experiences pleasurable and safe.

  • Never leave a child in your car alone, even if you are stopping just for a few minutes to run into the cleaners, pick something up at the grocery store, or to go into your home to retrieve something. It only takes a minute for someone to take your car with your child in it.
  • If your car doesn't have an alarm system, have one installed and turn it on whenever you get out of the car, even when it is parked in your garage.
  • Buy the type of lug nuts for your tires that lock and use steering wheel locks and other anti-theft devices.
  • When you get out of your car, remove the keys from the ignition.
  • Always lock your car, even if you are away from it for only a few minutes.
  • Keep your valuables hidden away in your glove compartment, trunk, or covered storage area in your SUV or truck.
  • When approaching your car, take a look around and have your keys in your hand.
  • Always look in the back seat before getting in your car.
  • If possible, don't drive down deserted streets, back roads, and alleys alone.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers or offer rides to strangers.
  • When driving alone, keep doors locked and windows rolled up.
  • Never put identification tags on your key ring, especially one with your name and address on it.
  • When having your car repaired or serviced, take your house keys off your key ring.
  • If possible, keep your cell phone within reach but don't talk on it while driving. Talking or text messaging on your cell phone while driving is dangerous and it is illegal in many states.
  • Install a lockable gas cap. If someone steals your car to go on a joy ride, they will drive it until it runs out of gas and then it will probably be abandoned.

While you are in your car, it is very important to keep your eyes open and your mind on what is going on around you. Protect yourself, your family, and your car.

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