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Holiday Safety Tips

Don't ruin your holiday season.

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of peace, joy, and happiness, a time to enjoy family and friends, a time to eat good food and to reflect on all the wonderful memories of the past, and a time to enjoy the heartfelt traditions that have evolved over the years.

We all think of the holiday season in terms of giving thanks, of glad tidings, and looking forward to a new and prosperous year. Without a doubt, the holiday season is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be a time of tragedy if you don't practice safe and sane behavior.

Each year during the holidays, many people are injured or killed due to unsafe practices around the house, in the car, and at holiday parties. Many accidents and deaths are preventable if people would take the time to incorporate safe habits into their holiday affairs.

The safety of your children and loved ones is crucial to having a joyous and memorable holiday season. Safety starts with some simple things that isn't expensive and doesn't take a lot of time and effort.

  • One of the most troubling practices during the holidays is drinking and driving. It is especially egregious during the holiday season because more people are on the roads making drinking and driving much more dangerous. If you drink, don't drive.
  • Each year, many people are seriously injured when putting up holiday decorations. Falling off ladders and footstools, chairs, sofas, and other objects can cause serious injury and in some instances, death.
  • Check and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Actually smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed and working throughout the year.
  • Never place a live tree close to furnaces, space heaters, radiators, or anything with a flame and never ever leave candles burning unattended near flammable materials such as drapes and curtains.
  • Check all the wiring before you install them on your home, tree, other areas. Make sure that the wires are not frayed or damaged in any way and that the bulbs are not broken.
  • Keep decoration paper away from damaged sockets, naked wires, heaters, candles, or anything that can generate flames.
  • Never overload electrical outlets, plugs, cords, or circuits. Overloading plugs and circuits can cause electrical surges, power outtages, equipment burnouts, and fires.
  • Turn off all indoor and outdoor christmas lights before going to bed or if you leave your home for an extended period of time.
  • In some areas, shooting out the old year and shooting in the new is a standard practice. This is very dangerous because when you shoot a bullet into the air, it has to come down somewhere. Many people are unintentionally hit by stay bullets during New Year's Eve celebrations each year and the person shooting the gun often never know that they have seriously injured or killed someone.

A few simple precautions can prevent accidents that can result in serious injuries or even death. It's up to you to make your holiday season as safe and sane as possible.

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