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Burglary Prevention

If you have ever been burglarized, you know that the feeling of dread, hurt, and insecurity can last for a long time. Even if nothing was taken, just knowing that someone entered your domain without your permission is unnerving and there is nothing that can be done to get a true sense of security again, even with the installation of alarms, iron bars, cameras, additional locks, armed guards.

A burglary takes place somewhere in the United States every 15 seconds and no neighborhood is safe. This is especially true when there is a big downturn in the economy and many people are laid off or unable to find jobs. When times get tough, there is usually a noticeable rise in burglaries.

Burglary prevention is a multi-million dollar industry and people will spend whatever it takes to keep their families and their valuables safe. Even so, there is no security system that is 100% foolproof, especially for someone who wants to break into your home bad enough, but most things you do to help keep your domain safe and sound do make a difference.

Alarm systems are great for your protection, but you have to make sure that they used effectively. And never think alarms can't be circumvented. They can. Sophisticated burglars can purchase different plans to branded systems and then figure out how to shut them down effectively. It is better to put a generic burglar alarm system sign in front of your home so the burglar won't know exactly which system you are using. Always turn your alarm on if you are leaving your home, even if you are going to be gone for only a few minutes because all it takes a burglar is a few minutes to break into your home, locate your most precious valuables, take them, and then leave.

If you are going on vacation, ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers instead of having the delivery stopped. Most burglaries are committed by someone in the neighborhood, or someone who knows someone in the neighborhood. A neighbor or someone down the street can easily get to know your routine. It's easy to learn when you come and go, when you pick up the paper in your driveway, what time you go to work, what time you come home, and even the time you go to bed at night and get up in the morning. We all have routines and if you break the routine, if a person is paying attention, they will know immediately. You may want to keep the mail and paper coming, just ask someone you trust to pick them up and ask them to check on your home at different times during the day.

If you leave lights on in your home when you are away for any length of time, buy a timer so they can turn on and off at different times in different rooms. It may also be a good idea to buy an electric timer for your radio. If a light is on in the same room all the time, a burglar can easily conclude that no one is at home and the light is just a deterrent.

Dogs are a good deterrents against novice burglars, but a seasoned burglar may know how to make friends with a dog and render him harmless. If you want a good guard dog, get one that is trained. A dog's bark is what will usually scare a burglar off so many experts believe that a small dog that barks a lot is just as effective as a large dog that don't bark that much.

Some people think that thorn bushes around windows is a great deterrents. Not so. Most burglars wear thick clothes and gloves so thorns are no more than an inconvenience to them. And if they know the thorns are there beforehand, they can bring shears to trim them back, which only takes a few moments. On top of that, bushes under and around windows provide excellent hiding places and can shield a burglar from street traffic.

The best place to keep your valuables is in a secure safe in your home or in a safe deposit box at a bank or other secure off site location. If a burglar enters your home, the first place he will look is in your underwear drawers, under the bed mattress, and on closet shelves. There are good places to hide your valuables in your home but a secure safe is your best bet.

Don't hide your valuables so well that you forget where you hid them. Also, let someone you trust know where they are so if something happens to you, they can retrieve them.

For a professional look at security alarm systems and how the right system can help protect your home or business, call Bobby Hamlett at (310) 619-2180 or (562) 277-5552 or email him at bhamlett@adt.com. Mention promo code A50933.

Bobby Hamlett
ADT Sales Representative
email: bhamlett@adt.com
Mention promo code A50933


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