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Conserve Water

There are many areas of the country that are prone to not having enough water, and this does not necessarily mean the desert. No matter where you live, water can become scare and when there isn't enough rain or yearly snow pack, many areas, including large and small cities and towns, can feel the affects.

When drought conditions happen, it may leave you and your family in a situation in which water rationing may become mandatory, therefore it is imperative that you learn and understand how this scenario might affect you and how you can help by doing your part to conserve water all year long.

There are many opportunities to use household water efficiently without incurring hardships. Whether it's in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or outdoors, you can learn to conserve water. By conserving water, you will also reduce your energy bills.

Some of the easiest and most cost effective ways to reduce water consumption is to replace old toilets, water faucets, and shower heads with low flow water saving devices. Some cities offer free water saving toilets and shower heads when you turn in your old ones.

Repairing plumbing leaks is another good way to save water and money. A constant plumbing leak can waste many gallons of water per day. Plumbing leaks can also cause major damage to the structure of your home. Replacing old and worn out pipes with new copper plumbing can add value to your home.

In some areas where water is scarce, rationing can be mandatory and penalties can be incurred for not following conservation laws set by cities, counties, and/or other governing bodies.

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