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World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day (WTD) was adopted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization on September 27, 1970 and is celebrated as an annual event. It was established to highlight the contributions that the tourism industry can make in economic, social, and cultural values around the world.

It's human nature to want to travel to exotic places, see how other people live, taste native foods and drinks, enjoy the natural wonders of the outdoors, and visit man made structures and monuments. Tourism is an industry that reaches every nook and cranny on the planet and it's growth is expanding rapidly within all segments of the world economy.

With so many modes of transportation, the world has become a smaller place and it's getting smaller by the day. People travel by car, boat, train and airplane to get where they want to go and because high speed modes of travel have become so commonplace, anyone can get to a coveted destination in just a matter of hours.

The importance of tourism can never be undervalued because billions of dollars are spent each year by people who want to see the world firsthand. Each year, millions of people travel to enrich their lives and the more places they visit, the more they want to see.

There are many industries that have developed and grown to accommodate the needs and comfort of tourists. Just a few of them include airlines, hotels and motels, restaurants, car rentals, camera and video recordings, souvenirs, clothing and shoes, surfing, fishing, and swimming, skiing and snow boarding, bicycling, and many other travel and tourist related businesses.

A healthy tourism industry has far reaching implications for businesses. Many of them make a large percentage of their income from tourists and sightseers during specific times of the year. The tourism industry also creates many employment opportunities.

Certain tourist locations may do very well during the winter snow season while others are very busy during the summer months when there is hot beach weather. People are flocking to the mountains, deserts, islands, resorts, and entertainment parks. Cruises have also become very popular with tourists from around the world.

Many towns, cities, recreational areas, and certain countries depend on tourism and related industries as their main sources of taxable income. Even larger cities and countries treat their tourism industries with respect because it brings in much needed capital.

World Tourism Day has put a spotlight on the growth of the tourism industry around the world. New tourism destinations are springing up in places that, until a few years ago, could only be accessed by a few people. Now those same destinations are booming with visitors, and some of the poorest countries in the world are making economic progress due to their abilities to attract tourists from more developed countries. This has made tourism a valuable commodity around the world.

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