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The Ninth Month of the Year

The month of September:

Based on the Gregorian and Roman calendars, September is the ninth month of the year. September was previously the seventh month of the year but after two months were added to the Julian calendar around 46 B.C., it became the ninth month. As one of the numbered months, the name was not changed to reflect it's position on the calendar.

One day was was taken from the month of September, which until that time had 31 days, making it a 30 day month.

In the northern hemisphere, September is one of the hottest months. Around the 22nd of the month, summer ends and the autumn begins. In the southern hemisphere, September brings the end of winter and the beginning of Spring.

The birthstone for September is the Sapphire. As the present day birthstone for the month of September, the sapphire symbolizes good health, chastity, and innocence.

There are three flowers that are associated with the month of September. They are the Aster, the Forget-Me-Not, and the Morning Glory. They symbolize wisdom, love, faith, and valor.

Interesting facts about September:

  • The name September is derived from the prefix "Sept" taken from the Latin words "Septem," meaning seven, or "Septimus," meaning seventh.
  • First Continental Congress was held in Philadelphia, September 5, 1774.
  • The Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolutionary War in America, was signed on September 3,1783.
  • Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner" on September 14, 1814.
  • President Abraham Lincoln issued preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, September 22, 1862.
  • The surrender of Japan in World War II was first celebrated as Victory over Japan Day on September 2, 1945.
  • On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorists from the militant group, al-Qaeda, high jacked four passenger planes and committed suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two of the planes hit and brought down the two World Trade Center Buildings in New York City. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. The fourth plane never hit it's target due to the efforts of the brave passengers on board who fought the terrorists and caused the plane to crash in a field in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania before it could reach it's intended target. Nearly three thousand people on the planes and on the ground died that day.

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