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National Grandparent's Day

National Grandparent's Day is celebrated in the United States and other countries to recognize the roles that grandmothers and grandfathers play in the lives of those who are their offspring's.

It is a holiday that honors grandparents and motivates children and grandchildren to pay attention to the needs of those who have grown older and then honor them for the sacrifices that were made to keep future generations of their families going strong.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter made a proclamation that National Grandparent's Day would be celebrated in the United States each year in September on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

National Grandparent's Day serves as a day of observance for children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to pay respect to their elders. It is a time to remind younger generations of the need to seek the knowledge and wisdom of the people who came before them.

Grandparents do special things for their grandchildren and often expect nothing in return. They do it out of love, so it is up to the grandchild or great grandchild to reciprocate by showing their appreciation.

National Grandparent's Day is celebrated by taking grandparents out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Many grandchildren give their grandparents gifts, greeting cards, cook for them, take them to a movie, make a phone call, or just spend some quality time with them.

There are several stories about how National Grandparent's Day got started.

  • One story is that the efforts of a housewife, Marian McQuade, in Fayette County, West Virginia brought the plight of lonely elderly people in nursing homes to the forefront of society. It was a cause for her to take action and through her efforts, the observance of National Grandparent's Day began.
  • Another story is that of Michael Goldgar who, after visiting an aunt in a nursing home, spent $11,000 of his own money lobbying Congress to have National Grandparent's Day officially recognized as a holiday.

Both stories have merit due to the fact that both individuals spent time and money in an effort to educate people about the importance of the contributions that seniors, many of whom are grandparents and great grandparents, have made to society. Many of these same people are neglected and left to fend for themselves.

National Grandparent's Day is a call for all people to make their grandparents and senior citizens an active part of their lives. It gives older people the comfort of knowing that their offspring's remember them.

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