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Small Business Saturday

On the fourth Saturday of November in 2010, the small business division of American Express began promoting Small Business Saturday as a way to bring visibility to small businesses.

As a recognized day associated with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday was created to encourage holiday shoppers to spend their money is support of local small business owners., not only on that day but throughout the rest of the year.

It is celebrated to bring awareness to the importance of small businesses to local economies across the country, not only on Small Business Saturday but throughout the rest of the year.

Listed below are 12 things you should know about Small Business Saturday and why it is important that you make it a point to shop and support small businesses in your community.

(1) Small businesses and entrepreneurs need your support to stay in business and help bring economic growth and stability to your neighborhood. This a great reason to shop and spend your money at independent local stores and businesses.

(2) As a patron of local small businesses, you pay taxes on goods and services in your city and county. Those tax dollars are then used to fund the upkeep of your streets, parks, playgrounds, and help pay for police, fire, and emergency services.

(3) Small businesses are credited with the creation of over sixty percent of new jobs in the United States so they may be a source of income for you or someone you know.

(4) Small Business Saturday was established to encourage holiday shoppers to patronize local small businesses. It shines a spotlight on the many ways that small businesses and the neighborhoods in which they are located can benefit from each other.

(5) Small Business Saturday not only creates positive exposure for small independent companies, it can also be a bridge to bring together neighbors in which long term friendships and business associations can develop and thrive.

(7)Small Business Saturday is also a means to foster the ability to compete with companies that have large advertising budgets and brand name recognition.

(8) For many small business, it is hard to compete with large companies that are already embedded in the minds of people in the neighborhood. Small Business Saturday is a once a year promotion that is used to break this cycle by advertising the positive aspects of using small businesses.

(9) Small Business Saturday is promoted on social media outlets, network news programs, radio, newspapers, and other sources.

(10) On Small Business Saturday, many small businesses will offer their customers competitive discounts and other money saving options.

(11) Most small businesses are independent entities and do not have the financial support, advertising budgets, and other resources that large companies and franchises use to lure shoppers into their stores.

(12) The money spent at small businesses on Small Business Saturday may not appear to be that significant, but in many cases, it can play a pivotal role in staying open for the rest of the year or going out of business.

By supporting Small Business Saturday, you effectively add dollars to the local economy, help family, friends, and neighbors gain employment opportunities, and also help strengthen the national economy in the process.

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