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Holidays, Birthdays, And Important Events in the Month of November

November is:

November Weekly Observances:


November by the day

Book Lover's Day: First Saturday of the Month

Job Action Day: First Monday of the Month

World Orphan's Day: Second Monday of the Month

Young Reader's Day: Second Tuesday of the Month

Domino Day: Second Friday of the Month

Great American Smokeout: Third Thursday of the Month

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Third Sunday of the Month

National Adoption Day: Saturday before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day: The 4th Thursday of the month

Black Friday: The Friday after Thanksgiving Day

Cyber Monday: Monday after Black Friday

November 1

  • All Saint's Day
  • National Authors' Day
  • National Family Literacy Day

November 2

  • James K. Polk: Born 1845
  • Warren G. Harding: Born 1865
  • All Soul's Day
  • Cookie Monster Day
  • Traffic Director's Day
  • Daniel Boone: Born 1734

November 3

  • Look For Circles Day
  • Deviled Egg Day
  • Housewife's Day
  • Sandwich Day
  • Cliche' Day
  • National Gaming Day
  • National Chicken Lady Day

November 4

November 5

  • Gunpowder Day
  • Guy Fawkes Day
  • General Election Day

November 6

  • Marooned without a Compass Day
  • Saxophone Day
  • National Young Readers Day

November 7

  • Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
  • Notary Public Day
  • National Men Make Dinner Day

November 8

  • Cook Something Bold Day
  • Dunce Day
  • National Ample Time Day
  • X-ray Day

November 9

  • Chaos Never Dies Day
  • Berlin Wall Opened (Anniversary)

November 10

  • Forget-Me-Not Day
  • USMC Day

November 11

November 12

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

November 13

November 14

  • Operating Room Nurse Day
  • Loosen Up Day
  • National Teddy Bear Day
  • International Girl's Day
  • Condoleezza Rice

November 15

November 16

  • Button Day
  • Have a Party With Your Bear Day
  • International Day of Tolerance

November 17

November 18

  • Occult Day
  • Mickey Mouse Day
  • Push-button Phone Day

November 19

November 20

  • Joe Biden: Born 1942
  • Absurdity Day
  • Beautiful Day
  • Universal Children's Day
  • African Industrialization Day

November 21

  • False Confession Day
  • Hello World Day
  • World Television Day

November 22

November 23

  • Franklin Pierce: Born 1804
  • Black Friday
  • Buy Nothing Day
  • Eat a Cranberry Day
  • National Cashew Day
  • National Day of Listening
  • You're Welcome Day
  • Dr. Who Day

November 24

  • Zachary Taylor: Born 1784
  • Brownielocks Day
  • Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
  • D.B. Cooper Day

November 25

  • National Parfait Day
  • Shopping Reminder Day
  • Blase' Day

November 26

  • Tina Turner: Born 1939
  • Shopping Reminder Day

November 27

  • Pins and Needles Day

November 28

  • Make Your Own Head Day
  • Red Planet Day

November 29

  • Electronic Greetings Day
  • Square Dance Day

November 30

  • Dick Clark: Born 1929
  • Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day
  • Computer Security Day
  • National Meth Awareness Day

The 12 months of the year:


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