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National Adoption Day

An adoption of a child is the legal and permanent assumption of all rights and responsibilities in regards to the duties associated with the care and parenting of that child.

November 17th is National Adoption Day. It is designated as a day of collective efforts around the country to focus attention on the many children who are living in foster care.

As part of National Adoption Month, National Adoption Day highlights the need for everyone who is willing and able to adopt a child. The one-day event is hailed as national effort to find permanent homes for the more than one hundred thousand children living in foster care.

Although listed as the 17th of November, National Adoption Day is usually held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. On that day, thousands of adoptions are finalized in courthouses in cities around the country.

Activities and celebrations are organized and promoted by a variety of child care services, adoption agencies, and social groups in hopes of finding loving parents who will adopt a child and make them a part of their family. It is a means to encourage as many people as possible to open their hearts and homes.

On any given day, month, or year, it has been estimated that there are thousands of children who need adoptive parents in the United States alone and millions more around the world.

  • Many of these children have been given up for adoption by their biological parents.
  • Some children are orphaned due to the death of one or both parents and there are no known relatives.
  • Some have parents who are incarcerated and their relatives cannot afford to take the child in or the relatives show no interest in the well-being of the child.
  • Some children are abused by one or both parents and their safety becomes a concern for child protective services.
  • Some are neglected to the point of imminent danger of malnourishment or filthy living quarters. They are ultimately taken away from their biological parents and placed in foster care.
  • Other children, for whatever reasons, have run away from home and do not want to live with their biological parents.

Biological family members are often the ones who adopt the children of related family members, but in many cases the person or persons doing the adopting have no connections to the biological family.

Many people look to adopt because they cannot have children of their own, and many others adopt simply because they have enough love in their hearts to spread around.

Education and awareness is what National Adoption Day is all about. With every finalized adoption, there is one less child in the foster care system.

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