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No Homework Day

A day designated as a day of no homework is a refreshing thought for many kids.

May 6 is No Homework Day. Although it is not a real holiday, No Homework Day gives kids something to wish for. It rasies hopes that their teacher, or teachers, will decide to go along with the idea.

No Homework Day would give children a night of freedom from homework in which they could enjoy other activities.

Just the thought of a real No Homework Day holiday is fast becoming a hit with children of all ages who think that they are overloaded with to much homework.

"No Homework Day should be a true holiday because kids do a lot of homework a week," said Devyani Sharma, a nine year old fourth grader. "THEY NEED A BREAK! Sometimes homework can get kids frustrated."

After getting up early in the morning and spending all day in school, the last thing many children want to think about is homework when they get home. Having a one day holiday from homework is an exciting feeling.

Homework follows children from grade school through college, and it can be worrisome and frustrating. Not having homework one day out of a school year may not sound like a lot, but it gives children that one day to look forward to.

If a real No Homework Day was established, children and young adults would feel at ease when telling their parents that they don't have homework that day.

Most Children would be happy with taking a evening off to watch television, play video games, spend time with friends and family, or just enjoy the time doing nothing in particular.

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