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National Single Parents Day

National Single Parents' Day honors parents who have taken sole responsibility for raising their children.

March 21 was chosen as the date to recognize and honor single parents when it was proclaimed National Single Parents' Day by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Single Parents' Day acknowledges the sacrifices, hard work, and dedication that single parents provide for their children on a daily basis.

Raising children in itself is difficult, but to do it alone takes on a whole new meaning of parenthood. The hard work, along with the sacrifices, are enormous and in most cases, unseen, unrecognized, and unappreciated by those who have never had to be a single parent.

Some people choose to raise their children alone because they feel secure enough, financially or otherwise, to raise their children by themselves but most single parent households are not by design. They are byproducts of having children out of wedlock, divorce, the death of a spouse, a legal separation, imprisonment of a spouse, mental and physical issues, and other circumstances.

When the subject of single parents come up, most people think about women raising their children alone. But if you look deeper, you will find that many men are raising their children as single parents, too.

It is estimated that there are over 13.5 million single parents and over 21 million children living in single parent household in the United States and those numbers are expected to keep growing rapidly.

There is, and should be, increased awareness of the issues that single parents face but it should also be pointed out that most single parents do a great job providing for their children.

Many of them have to work two or more jobs to make ends meet and they go the extra mile to make sure that their children are well fed, well clothed, well educated, live in a safe environment, and are provided the same opportunities as children who live in a two parent household.

No matter what the reasons or circumstances that a person has for being a single parent, they should be applauded, especially if they take the responsibility seriously and try to raise their children in a healthy and loving home.

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