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Canada Day

Canada Day is a national statutory holiday in Canada that commemorates the day, July 1, 1867, that Great Britain, under the Great Britain North Americas Act, granted the provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Canada, which was divided into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, the rights to govern themselves as one country, thus becoming the "The Dominion of Canada."

The Governor General of Canada made a proclamation on June 20, 1868 declaring that Canadians should celebrate the anniversary of the forming of the confederation. July 1 became the official date for the holiday and was named Dominion Day in 1879.

Although Canada went from being a British colony to becoming a kingdom in it's own right, Great Britain kept political control over the new country until 1982 when the Canada Act was passed.

Most Canadians recognize July 1 as Canada's birthday. After the Canada Act was passed, the name Dominion Day was officially changed to Canada Day. The first celebration of the holiday, held as Canada Day, was July 1, 1983.

Canada Day is held in most Canadian towns and cities where events are organized to display patriotic fervor. The National Flag and the red and white national colors are displayed at parades, festivals, and ceremonies throughout the country.

Fireworks displays and concerts are organized and promoted to give a sense of national unity and patriotism. On Canada Day, Post Offices, many businesses, and other organizations are closed.

Celebration of Canada Day is held throughout the country of Canada which now consists of 10 provinces and three territories.

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