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President's Day

Presidents' Day falls on the third Monday of February.

Prior to 1971, both February 12th and February 22nd were celebrated in honor of the birthdays of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington respectively. In 1971, during the administration of President Richard M. Nixon, a single day, the 3rd Monday of February, was set aside as one single holiday incorporating both Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday into one day.

President's Day was created under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act and was named President's Day in honor of all past presidents of the United States. Although President's Day is designated as a National Holiday, several states still observe the actual dates of Washington's birthday, February 22nd, and Lincoln's birthday, February 12th, as separate state holidays.

Some states have incorporated other holidays and special events into the days leading up to President's Day.

President's Day has become a major shopping day for retailers across the country. Retail stores, especially in malls and shopping centers, open for business early and close late in celebration of President's day.

Department stores, super markets, pharmacies, restaurants, and automobile dealerships all advertise big discounts on products and services during the three day President's Day holiday weekend.

Online shopping has helped President's Day become a commercial boom for internet businesses and retail stores alike. Millions of people use the internet to shop which has made many online businesses very lucrative.

Television and radio ads fill the airways in the days leading up to President's Day. Newspapers and magazines are also used to promote sales that are designed to entice people to come into stores and shop on President's Day.

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