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Christmas Seals

Christmas seals have become a standard feature on letters, packages, and other items during the holiday season

Christmas seals are used by organizations to raise awareness, and money, for a wide variety of issues that include finding cures for diseases, childrens' welfare, homelessness, charity, veterans' causes, the environment, and other things that people feel passionate about.

The money generated by the sale of Christmas seals help fund hospitals, sanitariums, homes for the physically and mentally disabled, elder care, and help provide funding for many other services that are connected with charitable causes.

Many people buy Christmas seals to support causes that are near and dear to their hearts. This makes Christmas seals a valuable tool for bringing attention and financial support to the many issues that we are confronted with on a daily basis, not just during the holiday season, but year round.

The first Christmas seals were developed in 1903 by Einar Holboll, a Danish postal clerk. The seals were issued in 1904 to promote awareness for children who were sick with tuberculosis. The idea took root and has since grown into a worldwide network for raising money for charitable causes.

On December 7, 1907, Emily Bissell, a social worker and fundraiser, introduced Christmas seals to the United States. After being told about the plight of a struggling sanitarium in her native state of Delaware, she decided to design and print special holiday seals and sell them at the post office in Wilmington, Delaware for a penny each.

The idea caught on and before the holiday season ended, she had raised 10 times more money than she had anticipated. In addition, she received an endorsement from President Theodore Roosevelt that provided national attention to her cause and helped generate much needed support.

The idea using Christmas seals as a practical way to raise money and awareness soon spread nationwide and by 1908, seals were also being sold in Canada, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia and other European countries.

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