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Christmas is an annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas, one of the most popular holy days of the Christian calendar, is observed in most Christian churches as the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The exact date of Jesus' birth is not known but in most Western churches, it is celebrated on December 25th. In Eastern churches, it is celebrated on January 7th, and in some churches on January 17th.

The word "Christmas" is thought to have come from either one of two sources.

  • The first is thought to be a combination of two words. "Christ," a Greek word that means "anointed," and "Mass," which means "celebration of Christ," or "Christ's Mass."
  • Another source of the name is said to come from the Old English word, "Cristes Maesse," which means "the Mass of Christ."

Christmas is called the season of good tidings, a time of comfort and joy, for it marks the day that God sent His only begotten Son into the world to deliver us from Satan's power. It is a wonderful time of year for most Christians as they offer prayers to God for His enduring love and mercy.

According to translations of certain text from the Old Testament, most prominently from the books of Isaiah and Micah, the coming of Jesus was prophesied hundreds of years before his birth. His genealogy is said to have been passed down from the house of King David.

The miraculous conception and birth of Jesus is profound and has lived on in the hearts and minds of Christians for centuries. In essence, it is a never ending story that gets more popular with each passing day.

The story is filled with many celebrated people and events starting with the Virgin Mary and Joseph her husband, The Angel Gabriel, Mary's cousin Elizabeth and her son John the Baptist, King Herod, and other notable biblical characters. On the day of his birth, kings, wise men, shepherds, and angels came to witness this great event and to worship and to glorify the new born king.

The celebration of Christmas, even today, is a joyous time for Christians, and for many non-Christians, who use this special day to show love and empathy for their fellow man and to give thanks for the many blessing they have received.

Christmas is a time for giving, not just of material things, but of oneself. Although money, food, clothing, and toys are always needed, many people take the time to visit the sick and the elderly, and volunteer for charitable causes. They cook, serve food, and try to comfort the homeless and those who are less fortunate.

Christmas is a mixture of ideals and customs from many parts of the world. Over the years, festivals, celebrations, and traditions from different cultures have been integrated into Christmas and expanded the meaning of the holiday spirit.

The inclusion of Santa Claus, elves, the decoration of trees, toys, gifts and presents, cards, colorful lights, candles, the singing of hymns and carols, reindeers, nativity scenes, banquets and parties, flowers and greenery, special meals, and family get together's have made Christmas blossom into what it is today.

The economic impact of Christmas and the holiday season is enormous. It is very important for the health of many businesses and the overall economy. Billions of dollars are spent during the holiday season on gifts, food, decorations, toys and other holiday related products.

Many companies make up to fifty percent or more of their yearly income during this period and for some entrepreneurs, this time of year the determining factor in whether or not they remain in business.

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