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Florida Grants

Florida Department of Education
Office of Student Financial Assistance
1940 North Monroe, Suite 70
Tallahassee, Florida 32303-4759
PH: (888) 827-2004

Florida Postsecondary Student Assistance Grant
1940 North Monroe, Suite 70
Tallahassee, Florida 32303-4759
PH: (888) 827-2004
Eligibility requirements: Grants for Florida residents who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens attending degree granting private Florida colleges or universities, but not eligible under the Florida Private Student Assistance Grant. Student must be enrolled full time and show financial need. Grant if for use in freshman, sophomore, junior or senior years and applicant must reside in Florida and study at a Florida college or university.

Marie Blaha Medical Grant
16362 Wilson Boulevard
Massaryktown, FL 34604-7335
E-mail: blaha@dialfla.com
Eligibility requirements: One-time award of up to $1000 given to students pursuing any medical related field (e.g. nursing, therapy, dental, psychiatry, veterinary science). Applicant must be enrolled full-time or part-time at a two-year or four-year or technical institution or university.

Arts Recognition And Talent Search (arts)
444 Brickell Avenue, Suite R14
Miami, FL 33133
PH: (800)970-ARTS
Eligibility Requirements: One-time award for high school seniors or others that are 17-18 years old who show talent in dance, film and video, jazz, music, photography, theater, visual arts, voice and writing. Must submit portfolio, videotape or audiotape. Applicant must enroll full
or part-time at a four-year or two-year institution or university.

Florida Public Student Assistance Grant
1940 North Monroe, Suite 70
Tallahassee, FL 32303-4759
PH: (888) 827-2004
Eligibility Requirements: Grants for Florida residents, U.S. citizens , or eligible non-citizens attending a Florida public college or university full-time. Based on financial need. Grant for use in freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior years.

Foundation For The Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, INC
268 South Suncoast Boulevard
Crystal River, FL 34429-5489
PH: (352) 795-5990
Eligibility Requirements: Open to degree candidates, graduates, and researchers in Mesoamerican Studies whose project have not had extensive financial support.

Danish Sisterhood of America
5113 Epping Lane
Zephyrhills FL, 33541-2607
Eligibility Requirements: Must be a Danish Sisterhood member in good standing for at least 1 year or be a daughter or son of such a member, or, if deceased, eas in good standing at time of death. Applicant must be enrolled as less than full-time student at an accredited and approved educational institution.

Florida Department of Education
1940 North Monroe Street, Suite 70
Tallahassee FL, 323303
PH: (888) 827-2004
Eligibility Requirements: Must be Florida undergraduate students attending an eligible private, nonprofit Florida college or university who meet Florida's general eligibility requirements for receipt of state aid.

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