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Alternative Sources of Energy

Question: What is meant by "alternative sources of energy?"

Answer: Alternative sources of energy is energy derived from sources other than fossil fuels. A lot of focus today is on green energy that is made from corn, sugar cane, sugar beets, wheat, and other agricultural based comodities.

Question: What are some alternative sources of energy?

Answer: Ethanol, alcohol, hydrogen, wind power, solar power, hydro electric power, geothermal power, nuclear power, combinations of gas and ethanol, and combinations of other sources, are all alternative energy sources.

Question: What alternative sources of energy are being used today?

Answer: There are several alternative sources of energy being used today and some of them have been around for a long time. But because fossil fuels have been so readily available over the years, businesses, manufacturers, the government, and consumers have been reluctant to change to other sources of energy.

With the recent rise in oil and gas prices, the alternatives have once again become attractive and more and more consumers are ready to change from fossil based products to other less expensive, environmental friendly fuels.

Question: Are other fuel sources going to be less expensive?

Answer: At this point, most alternative energy is not going to be any less expensive than petroleum based products. This is because manufacturing and development, in its initial stages, require a large investment of funds and resources by producers and those costs will more than likely be passed on to the consumer.

Manufacturers and engineers are working to develop cars, trucks, and other modes of transportation, along with industrial and business applications, that use other sources of energy that are efficient and affordably priced to be viable for consumers.

But it is highly unlikely that prices for alternative fuels are going to be that much less than fossil fuels any time soon, unless a reliable, steady supply is developed.

Question: The energy crisis has been going on for many years. Why haven't alternative sources of energy already been developed?

Answer: Actually alternative sources of energy have been around for many years. The reason that they are not widely used is because, as long as there is a ready supply of gas, the average consumer is going to be reluctant to buy cars and trucks that will require alternative fuel sources.

And manufacturers are not going to produce hybrid cars and trucks that they may not be able to sell.

Question: Are alternative sources of energy safe?

Answer: Most are safe for consumers and most are environmentally friendly. But some, such as nuclear power and other nuclear based energy resources, are safe as long as there are no spills, meltdowns, or other accidents.

Nuclear power can be efficient but some scientists believe that it is inherently dangerous and should be highly regulated because, not only does it release radio active isotopes into the air, the waste from nuclear power plants is difficult to store and disposed of safely.


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