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Gas Prices

The fluctuation in gas prices, especially rapid increases, make driving, flying, boating and other modes of transportation, travel, and recreation, a cause for serious thought.

Gas price increases have caused most people to reexamine their priorities about driving, whether it is to work, going on vacation, or simply driving to the store to buy groceries.

More fuel efficient hybrid cars are being manufactured and sold than ever before and more and more people are taking public transportation to and from work. The way it looks, those numbers will be increasing dramatically over the next few years.

The high costs to fill up the gas tank has changed the way we all live, but especially for those who have to commute long distances to and from work.

Until recently, buying a newer, cheaper home in the suburbs, or out away from the city, that requires a 50 to 80 mile or more commute to get to work seemed like a relatively good investment, and a fairly easy choice to make. But today, many of those same people are asking themselves what went wrong and who is to blame?

Actually, there is really no reason to play the blame game because there is plenty of blame to go around, starting with each and every one of us.

We all took for granted that oil and gas would remain cheap and readily available. It wasn't that we didn't think about it because we did think about it, but we dismissed our concerns. We let our hopes overshadow the real reality.

What we are experiencing today is the rise of gasoline and oil prices that has been in the newspapers, magazines, and on television news programs for years. We've heard it all before, we've read about it all before, and we've seen it coming. It's not new news, it's the same old news that we put it in the back of our minds, and kept going.

Now that gasoline prices are where they are, there is very little hope of them going back down, and staying down. Gas prices may drop a little but the reality is, they will never go down, and stay down, to the prices we saw at the pumps a year ago.

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