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Temp Agencies And Recruitment Centers

There are many people in the workforce who are looking for temporary employment instead of a full time job. There are others, though, who can't find full time employment may need money right away to pay rent, credit card payments, or other debt. They may take a temporary position until a full time job becomes available.

The hiring process is much different today than it was ten, twenty years ago. When trying to find qualified workers in today's employment market, more and more businesses are turning to professional staffing agencies to fulfill their hiring needs.

Many of these same businesses don't take employment applications in house like they used to. In order to get a job, you have to go through a staffing agency and be hired as a temporary worker until the business decides to hire you permanently.

Hiring agencies go by different names. Some are called temporary employment agencies while others are called recruitment centers, staffing agencies, and employments services among other names.

In most cases, staffing agencies place workers on jobs by matching the job opening with the appropriate personnel and then charge the hiring company a fee for the placement. The fee charged by the agency may be based on a percentage of the salary paid to the employee or a predetermined amount. The agency may also charge the employee an up front fee for placing them on a job but most charge the employer.

Recruitment agencies are more common today than ever before and the need for temporary workers is constantly growing. In today's economy, these agencies provide a ready workforce for businesses that may not need full time employees or may not have the time or resources to actively recruit qualified workers for full time positions.

Since an agency gets paid only if positions are filled, they work hard to find employment for those who sign up to work for them. Sometimes a temporary position may be for only a day or two, weeks, months, a year, or it may end up lasting for many years.

Most jobs filled by staffing agencies are office related positions but there are recruitment centers that work specifically for factories, warehouses, and other other companies that need to hire people for seasonal work, especially during year end holidays.

There are times when those who are sent on temporary job assignments end up with full time jobs if the position turns into that while they are there. It happens frequently. If the employees value is realized, employers may make the decision to hire the temporary worker to a permanent position.

There are laws that all employment agencies must obey, such as income tax and social security withholdings, minimum wage requirements, the amount of hours an individual can work, and in many states, the agency must provide workers' compensation insurance.

In some instances, depending on how long the employee works for the agency, health insurance may be offered at group rates and the employee may be eligible for sick, holiday, and vacation pay.

Before signing on with any temp agency, ask questions about their fees and whether they offer benefits. Since there are many staffing agencies in the job market, shop around and find one that can provide you with the most opportunity.

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