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Military Job Opportunities

The military is a great way to learn skills, discipline, and earn money for college while traveling around the country and the world. You make friends for life and join a brotherhood of soldiers and sailors who stand together when the country needs them.

The military offers a choice of any one of hundreds of career opportunities. Whether it is the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, or the Coast Guard, you get to train as a team and become a part of a way of life that is great for the soul, the ego, the body, and the mind, and you learn to stand tall in a way that only those who have served can ever know.

People enlist in the military for reasons of their own, but once they enlist, the become a part of the greatest military the world has ever known and during times of war and peace, they are taught to serve with valor, with distinction, and with honor.

Once you serve your tour of duty, you return to civilian life with the knowledge and skills that many companies need, and in many cases, veterans are given preferential treatment when it comes to hiring and promotions. You will find that many CEO's, managers, and supervisors are veterans, too, and they look favorably on those who, like themselves, served our country.

The military is the largest employer in the country and no matter where you live or work, you are probably in the company of veterans.

The military offer many other benefits that include medical and dental coverage, the GI bill for home purchases with no money down, low cost life insurance plans, small business loans, and other benefits for disabled and low income veterans. The Montgomery GI bill is also there to help veterans pay for college and technical training.

Below is a partial list of jobs offered by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and the Coast Guard;

Law Enforcement Officers, Chefs, Air Conditioning Technicians, Artists, Audio Technicians, Bricklayers, Typists, Clerks, Automotive Body Repairers, Arc Welders, Dieticians, Machinists.

Corrections Officers, Computer Programmers, Physical Therapists, Photographers, Nurses, Doctors, Ship Navigators, Engine Mechanics, Airplane Pilots, Water Quality Analysis.

Tax Accounts, Software Developers, Gunsmiths, Ship Pilots, Priests, Nursing Technicians, Judges, Cashiers, Paratroopers, Scuba Divers, Court Reporters, Tile setters, Plumbers, Dentists, Dental Assistants.

Air Traffic Controllers, Warehouse Managers, Musicians, Pharmacists, Attorneys, Ordnance Specialists, Intelligence Officers, Construction Specialists, Aerospace Engineers, Printers, Painters.

Navigators, Recruiters, Personnel Clerks, Veterinarians, Meteorologists, Law Enforcement Specialists, Pest Exterminators, Firemen, Electricians, Stock Clerks, Legal Secretaries, Air Traffic Controllers, Photographers.

The list goes on and on and one of these jobs could be yours if you meet the required entry level criteria and have the willingness to learn.

For more information on jobs in the military, contact your local Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine, or Air Force military recruiting center.

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