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Landing On Your Feet

Trying to find a new career, especially after spending many years in your current career, can be scary. Whether you have been "downsized," have reached retirement age and are ready for another career, or are just burned out and want a fresh start, this guide is for you!

The best years of your life are just getting ready to start. All the things you have learned over the past decades are going to help you determine what you want to do in your next, but probably not last, career. Modern adults go through two or more careers from the time they enter the workforce until they stop working. This is just the launching pad to your next career.

The first piece of advice I'll give you is do not panic. The more effort, hard work and faith you put into the steps outlined in this book the more apt you are to land the type of job that you love to do every day.

This book is a handbook to walk you through the steps to take in finding your next career. It won't do the work for you. If you want it to work, you have to project the positive thoughts and do the hard daily work. The first step is to go through this guide and learn the steps to take. Then take the steps.

For some of you, the idea of leaving a lucrative paying job for another career is unsettling. If you have not been laid off or retired and can continue to work while looking for another career, this is the best scenario. It gives you the financial freedom to take your time. However, if you have lost your job, then you may need to take a lower-paying and less-challenging job to keep the bills paid while you fine the right opportunity for you. I you have a family then reducing your expenses will be a necessary step. It is important to include your family in this decision. The section on finance below will help give you some guidelines on areas to discuss and strategies to decide with your family.

I am a Christian and have learned the power of prayer and positive thoughts. I believe that if you practice these that positive things happen. Does this mean you won't have trials, that every day will be wonderful? No, but it means--and I firmly believe this--that more good than bad will happen if you keep prayers and positive thoughts working for you.

Let's start now. First, I want you to take a deep cleansing breath. Now I want you to say to yourself:

  • I am a great person
  • I have lots of talents
  • I will find the career I love
  • Life is good

I want you to close your eyes and repeat this to yourself three times slowly. Do this every morning before you do anything else that day. This is going to be the start of sending out the positive thoughts to your mind, body, and the universe to help you start your journey.

For more positive thoughts and information about starting a new career, take some time to read this fantastic book:
Starting Over
Getting a Job You Love
by Joan Dzuro, SPHR

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