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Internet Job Search

Question: Is the internet a good place to search for a job?

Answer: The internet has become a valuable tool for those seeking employment opportunities while providing leads to literally thousands of positions worldwide.

Question: What site should I visit to apply for employment?

Answer: There are many employment related web sites on the internet that can assist in locating potential employment through job databases so it may be to your benefit to visit more than one site.

Question: What other services do employment related internet web sites provide?

Answer: Many provide resources to help with the application process and give information on how to advance in different career paths.

Question: Many corporations have their own web sites. Why?

Answer: Corporate web sites are designed to give information about the company and offer useful tidbits of data about the corporations goals, it's leadership, open positions, salaries, and answer questions about why you may want to apply for a job there.

Question: What is the purpose of submitting a resume on the internet?

Answer: The internet gives you the means of submitting your resume without leaving the comfort of your home or office which saves both you and the company time and money.

Question: Why are companies changing the way they are looking for new employees?

Answer: In today's high tech culture, most companies are feeling the pull of a fast developing, highly motivated, work force that has the need to be a part of this thing we call the internet.

Question: Are there web sites that can help me write a good resume?

Answer: There are sites that can help you develop a good resume, some of them for a fee and others offer their services for free.

Question: I am interested in submitting my resume to only those companies that I am seeking employment with for certain specialized jobs. Are there sites that offer data bases for someone like myself?

Answer: There are internet data bases that are set up for employers who are looking for talent in particular fields. Companies that are looking to hire certain qualified individuals in these fields can look at prospects without having to go through resumes that are not going to be what they are looking for.

Question: Should I submit my resume to all of the data bases on the internet.

Answer: Using the web to job hunt should be tailored to your specific needs because there are literally millions of pages of information available so you should identify those areas that best suite your qualifications and plans and work from there.

Question: Will my resume end up in cyber space?

Answer: There is no guarantee that your resume won't end up in cyber space but most data bases are managed by reputable individuals, or companies, who have no desire to cause you discomfort.

Question: If I don't want to send my resume via the internet, what should I do?

Answer: If you have reservations about your resume being on the internet, you should either send it, by certified mail, to the company that you are interested in being employed by, or hand carry it yourself.

Question: Will it still be considered?

Answer: In most cases, it will still be considered and you will still be given the same opportunity to compete for the position that you are applying for. But you should either call or e-mail the human relations department of the company and ask them by what means of them getting your resume works better for them and for you.



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