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The Best Employment Opportunities
by John M. Roberts

If you are out of work and having a hard time finding a job, you may have to take a different approach to job hunting and rethink the way you are going about it. First of all, understanding the job market is vital to your success. When there is a high unemployment rate, the competition for any position is going to be great. You may see a hundred resumes for one position, no matter what type of credentials the job requires.

A reassessment of your qualifications may be in order. Take a minute to think about your on the job experience, your education, talent, and any other qualities that an employer may find worthy of you. When completing your resume, even the smallest detail that you may not think is important may be what the employer is looking for.

Look into the possibility of retraining. Many people go back to school when they get laid off to either enhance their knowledge and skills or to train for a vocation that is totally different than the work they normally do. If you decide to go back to school, look at the job market and determine the best course of action that you may take for long term employability.

Certain vocations are always open for employment and rarely have a shortage of job openings. Even during tough economic times, there are some areas of the job market that are consistently in need of entry level personnel and are always hiring.

Some of the best employment opportunities are in the medical, dental, and healthcare professions. There is always a need for employees who have some type of medical training and experience. Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA), Home Health Nurses (HHN), Medical Assistants, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, X Ray Technicians, Medical Billing Personnel, Pharmacy Assistants, and many other medical related jobs are available right now.

Computer technology is another field that is busting at the seams in employment opportunities. Computer and data processing jobs are growing and companies are hiring computer support specialists, engineers, database administrators, and system analysts. There are many permanent and part time positions for contract and consulting personnel.

The demand for temporary skilled and unskilled workers is growing. Many companies are looking to hire people for temporary positions in the health care, computer, data entry, clerical and other fields. These temporary positions may last from a day or two to three or four years or longer. Some temporary employment agencies offer certain benefits like medical and dental insurance and retirement plan options.

For younger men and women, joining the military is a chance of a lifetime to learn a trade and travel the world. The military offers on the job training, good pay, excellent medical and dental care, free housing, and the opportunity to save money. Other military benefits include buying a home under the GI Bill with no down payment, military discounts, and help with college tuition.

Other fields of employment are going to open soon. If you listen to experts on the economy, green energy jobs are going to be a good bet for the near future. You may want to check with local colleges and technical schools to find out what courses in green energy technology are offered and how you can benefit from them.

To compete for employment opportunities in today's job market, it takes patience, ingenuity, and the willingness to look beyond the boundaries that you have placed upon yourself, and you must educate yourself to all changes that are taking place in the world.

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