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Contact Your Local Emergency Information Management Office

If a disaster strikes, where you get your information from is vital and can mean the difference between life and death. You want information that is accurate, up to date, and at your finger tips so you can make informed decisions.

The local emergency information management office in your area is very important to you and your family. The information and services it provides can be very helpful in planning for a disaster and can be of great help if a disaster strikes.

Some local emergency management offices maintain registries of older people and for people with disabilities so they can be located and assisted quickly in a disaster.

Some registries are only used to collect planning information; others may be used to offer assistance in emergencies.

If you add your name and information to a registry, be sure you understand what you can expect. Be aware that a registry is never a substitute for personal preparedness.

Even if the registry may be linked to first responders, assistance may not be available for hours or days after a disaster.

Contact your local emergency management agency to see if these services exist where you live or visit www.ready.gov to find links to government offices in your area.

Listed below are talking points developed by FEMA that will help you in making you and your family as prepared as possible if there is a disaster in the area in which you live.

(1) Are you prepared?

(2) Be informed

(3) Chemical and biological terrorism

(4) Chemical and biological weapons

(5) Consider your pets

(6) Create a personal support network

(7) Develop a family communication plan

(8) Emergency Information Management

(9) Emergency kit

(10) Emergency money

(11) Fire safety

(12) Get involved

(13) If you have to evacuate

(14) Important documents

(15) Make a plan

(16) Medical supplies

(17) Shelter-in-place

(18) Stay or go

(19) The elderly and the disabled

(20) Vehicle emergency kit

(21) Working together

Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now.

Information was developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in consultation with AARP, the American Red Cross and the National Organization on Disability.


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