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Are You Prepared?

The key to surviving a disaster is to be prepared at all times.

Disasters don't strike every day but they happen unexpectedly from time to time and people are caught off guard and unprepared. A major disaster can cause a lot of damage to homes, businesses, entire cities, farms, bridges, dams, and other things that may cause a tremendous amount of injuries and loss of life.

Some areas are prone to natural disasters while others may never experience a disaster of any kind. But that doesn't mean that a disaster will never happen there. A disaster can strike at anytime, anywhere. It can be a massive earthquake, hurricane, flood, drought, forest fire, an act of war, terrorism, or from any number of other events, natural or man made.

The size and scope of a disaster can send a whole region into shock, awe, and dispair. It may take months and sometimes years to fully recover, and some areas may never fully recover. This is why it is so crucial to be as prepared as humanly possible for any disaster that may strike at any moment. The more prepared you are, the better off you may be and the better able to help yourself and others around you.

When disaster strikes, it is unlikely that any one state has adequate resources to provide an adequate response. The job to prepare and rapidly respond to national disasters falls on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA is part of the Department of Homeland Security and works through 10 regional centers in coordinating national disaster relief efforts with state and local emergency management agencies by providing a comprehensive management relief system to:

  • Plan, coordinate and develop the means to respond to terrorist incidents and natural disasters
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk to people and property from hazards by adopting zoning ordinances and building codes and taking action
  • Deliver an immediate response to individuals, businesses and communities impacted by acts of terrorism, national emergencies and national disasters

Your ability to recover from an emergency tomorrow may depend on the planning and preparation you do today.

It is important to know what types of emergencies are likely to affect your region. To find out, visit www.ready.gov/be-informed. Be prepared to adapt this information to your personal circumstances and make every effort to follow instructions received from authorities on the scene.

Above all, stay calm, be patient and think before you act.

Listed below are common sense talking points developed by FEMA that will help you in making you and your family as prepared as possible if there is a disaster in the area in which you live.

Listed below are talking points developed by FEMA that will help you in making you and your family as prepared as possible if there is a disaster in the area in which you live.

(1) Are you prepared?

(2) Be informed

(3) Chemical and biological terrorism

(4) Chemical and biological weapons

(5) Consider your pets

(6) Create a personal support network

(7) Develop a family communication plan

(8) Emergency Information Management

(9) Emergency kit

(10) Emergency money

(11) Fire safety

(12) Get involved

(13) If you have to evacuate

(14) Important documents

(15) Make a plan

(16) Medical supplies

(17) Shelter-in-place

(18) Stay or go

(19) The elderly and the disabled

(20) Vehicle emergency kit

(21) Working together

Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now.

Information was developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in consultation with AARP, the American Red Cross and the National Organization on Disability.

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