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Fashions Tips For The Young Adult

What young adult doesn't want to look as chic as possible? The need to fit in and be the same as everyone in the crowd has passed for those of college age. Young adults are heading down the career path and they want their clothes to make the right fashion statement.

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of College and Employers showed that employers are planning to hire 17.4 percent more college graduates from the class of 2007 than those who came from the class of 2006. This means that dressing for success has never been so important.

For ladies, a well rounded wardrobe needs to include very basic pieces that can be mixed and matched easily, such as basic pants, skirts and jackets in a variety of neutral colors such as black, gray, brown and cream color.

Gray does not have to be boring either, as there are a number of different colors of gray from silver fox gray to gunmetal gray. Brown is more stylish now than it has ever been. Some say brown is the new black. Black, of course, is still a number one pick for many people.

There is nothing wrong with wearing clothes with a splash of color. Just make sure each piece can be worn with something neutral.

A pink or red skirt is fine but pair it with a neutral top and blazer and don’t overdo pink. You might end up looking like Reese Witherspoon’s character, Elle Woods, in “Legally Blonde.” It might work in the movies but remember this is real life.

For men who are just starting on the career path, dark suits paired with shirts in basic colors such as white, cream or light blue will make the grade for you. If you don't have a dark suit, or if you don't have a suit at all, a dark pair of slacks will do.

The color of your tie may not seem that important to you, but ties do make a difference. The tie is the first thing many people notice at first glance and a nice tie makes a good impression. Try hard to coordinate your tie with your pants, shirt, and coat, if you are wearing one.

Try to be as wrinkle free as possible because wrinkles give the appearance of being sloppy and slothful. Shine your shoes, get a hair cut, and practice good hygiene.

How you dress says a lot about you and looking good equals feeling confident. That is exactly what you want as you leave school and go out to take on the world.

Dress codes are becoming more relaxed at many workplaces and young adults find themselves free, to a certain extent, to show their individual side. Accessories are one way to do this. Whether you want to express yourself through fun footwear, through jewelry, or through owning different purses or scarves, let the real you shine through.

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