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Western Wear

Western wear is a particular style of clothing that got it's start in the American west during the mid to late 19th-century. The early years of the settlement of open range country brought about a need for durable, long lasting, clothes, boots, and shoes.

What the cowboys, indians, miners, farmers, and ranchers wore during this period is just as big a part of the history and culture of the old west as is the legends and myths that surround characters like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Bat Masterson..

Since towns and cities, with clothing stores, were few and far between, cowboys and farmers had to make do with what they had. If they couldn't make it themselves, they had to buy rugged clothes that lasted.

Clothes like corduroy and denim jeans, leather boots, and hats made of felt, straw and wool were standard wear in those days, as were were quilted cotton and wool blend shirts, cotton socks and underwear, animal hide, fur, and suede coats and jackets.

Those items of clothing became the fashions for those who lived and worked on the plains and in the western states. But it has not ended there. Western style clothes has gone on to become a fashion phenomenon in cities and towns, large and small, not only in the western United States, but all around the country.

The whole world seems to have gotten into the western clothing craze with Levi, Lee, Wrangler, Lucchese, Durango, Scully, Justin, Ariat, Cinch, and other western brand names now being sold in countries around the globe.

The most popular and well known articles of western wear are the cowboy boots and the cowboy hat. Western styled jeans and cotton, and cotton and wool blend shirts are also popular, along with dress up and dress down assessories.

Popular assessories include rhinestone jewelry, bolo ties, silver and gold plated western belts and belt buckles, colorful scarves, watches, panchos, hats, bandanas, watches, and hand bags.

Fashionable western clothes, for men, women, and children of all ages, can be found in shops, boutiques, and department stores in most malls and shopping centers throughout the country, as well as around the world.

Online shoppers can find almost any western style clothing that is offered, from hard to find brands to the most updated and modern styles and colors. Many manufacturers offer catalogs containing the different styles and fashions that they sell, along with the price lists.

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