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Cowboy Hats

The cowboy hat is recognized as the defining piece of western wear by the many who like the country western look. The cowboy hat defines the spirit of free living and is a fashion statement for many of those who love being out doors.

Those who wear cowboy hats wear them with pride and gusto. When worn with cowboy boots and jeans, or almost any casual outfit, cowboy hats have a way making the wearer feel the passion of the cowboys, ranchers, and farmers who roamed the ranges and worked the fields back in the days of old.

Cowboy hats are not just for farmers and ranchers. They are worn by city slickers as well. Politicians, bankers, stock brokers, real estate tycoons, financiers, doctors, attorneys, musicians, actors, and people from all walks of life wear cowboy hats.

Although cowboy hats have long been fashionable items of clothing, back in the early days, they were worn more as a necessity. The wide brim was used to protect farmers, ranchers, and others who spent a lot of time outdoors, from the elements while they worked. While the hats are still used for those purposes, many people wear them for the western look.

Cowboy hats are bought by millions of people, not only in the United States, but around the world. The price of cowboy hats range from a few dollars into the thousands, depending on the brand name, the style, the accessories, and the materials that they are made from.

Most cowboy hats are produced by machines but many are custom made by hand. Popular brand names include Stetson, American, Jaxon, Golden Gate, Milano, Rands, Justin, Master Hatter, Longhorn Hatters, Resistol, Kangol, Dobbs, Capas, Biltmore, and Panama.

Hand made cowboy hats are costly because it may take days from start to finish, depending on the style, materials used, and the workmanship.

Cowboy hats are made in a large variety of styles and shapes and they come in an assortment of colors. They are made using wool felt, straw, fur, leather, cotton, and cotton blends.

Other styles and brands of hats include the Roper, Stillwater, TJ Cattleman, Gus, Sweetwater, Tucson, Latigo, Newley, Open Road, Pasadena, Twister, Merced, Navarro, Santa Fe, Southwest Special, Quigley, Teton, Rebel, and Cavalry.

Assessories include hat boxes, hat brushes, carrying cases, cleaning brushes and sponges, dusters, racks, plastic protectors, jacks and retainers, scented sprays, shape savers, and bands and cords.

Although most fashions change with the seasons of the year, cowboy hats, boots, and outer wear remain basically the same, even though there are subtle changes in designs, styles, and colors.

The popularity of cowboy hats continue to grow and with each new generation, they find a greater niche in popular culture.

Around the world, from Japan, China, India, Italy, Germany, England, and Spain, cowboy hats have become fashionable and there is a growing industry in there manufacture, production, and the sales.

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