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Cowboy Boots

Although boots have been around for thousands of years and were made and worn in the United States from it's earliest years, it is thought that cowboy boots were copied from the Hessian boots that were worn extensively by European soldiers throughout the 18th century.

Around the middle to latter years of the 19th century, this style of boot, made from leather and other animal hides, became a standard in the United States, especially in the midwest and southwest, and quickly spread in popularity across the rest of the country.

The art of boot making was taken up by entrepreneurs and different business interests in Oklahoma, Arizona, Montana, Texas, Kansas, and other states where mining, farming, and raising cattle was big business.

Cowboys, farmers, and miners, along with their wives and children, needed tough, durable, long lasting shoes and boots. Comfort was a big necessity due to the rough work, long hours on their feet, and the heat, rain, and snow that farmers and ranchers had to live and work in.

Boot makers quickly adapted to the needs of those who lived on ranches and farms and started producing quality, comfortable boots and other footwear.

Although other companies were well known, two of the most famous boot makers of that period were H.J. Justin of Spanish Fort, Texas and Charles Hyer of Olathe, Kansas. The term "cowboy boots" quickly became a part of the American vocabulary.

Due to the popularity of radio, movies, and wild west shows in the 1920s and 1930s, cowboy boots became fashionable wear and people started wearing them as everyday and evening attire.

Although certain types of animal skins are now prohibited from use in making cowboy boots and other accessories, they are still made with different types of leather, snake skin, elk, buffalo, cowhide, alligator, and other materials.

Cowboy boots have different styles with different heel designs, pointed and squared toes, decorative colors and prints, different leg lengths, and intricate stitching.

The sale of cowboy boots increased dramatically during the 1950s, due in large part to to the popularity of country music, rodeo's, and cowboy movies. Millions of pairs of boots were sold in many colors, designs, and styles.

Over the years, boot makers have become more creative in developing styles that incorporate studs, conchos, rhinestones, and other precious and simi precious stones.

Cowboy boots have become one of the most well worn, well liked, versatile items of footwear, and with each new trend in fashion, boots seem to hold their own as fashionable clothing, whether dressing up or dressing down.

Even today, the popularity of the cowboy boots cross all segments of society, from the young to the old, from men to women, from the rich to the poor, and due to the huge popularity of country western music, line dancing, NASCAR, football, and the general love for the comfort they provide, cowboy boots keep their appeal and are still growing in popularity.

What makes cowboy boots so popular is the fact that they look great and can be worn by just about anyone.

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