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Starting Your Wardrobe

Starting your wardrobe, or updating it, can be a lot of fun and a little scary at the same time. For most of us, choosing clothes that we feel look good on us is an invigorating experience.

But for some of us, the feeling is a little nerve wracking. We feel like fashion outcasts? We feel anxiety when we are shopping for ourselves and for good reason.

There are so many different colors, styles, name brands, stores, and good looking people out there wearing clothes that look good on them.

But first things first. You should always dress to make yourself feel good. What you see other people wearing may or may not look good on you.

This is because, physically, nobody is built the same which makes clothes fit each individual differently. Because something looks great on someone else does not mean it is going to look good on you. Keep that in mind.

Also, be very picky. There is nothing wrong with being a picky shopper, especially when it is you who is going to wear what you are buying.

Some people are natural dressers. They instinctively know what looks good on them and they do look good in what they choose to wear. But not everyone has that natural ability.

There are those of us who have to try a little harder to find the right clothes to match our personality and our physical build. And, at times, we need help.

Help can come in the form of a friend, relative, or a salesperson in your favorite store. Ask the person who is helping you to be honest with his or her opinion.

Dressing with confidence is what we all aspire to do. And it can be done like a pro if we choose the right wardrobe.

You can start with what you already have in your closet, adding to it and taking out things that you know you will not wear again.

What is in your wardrobe makes all the difference when it comes to making an impression on those who are going to see you, whether it is at work, at school, at a party, or just hanging out.

But don't worry too much about what other people may think unless you are in a profession that makes it necessary that you dress in a certain way.

Again, your wardrobe should contain clothes that make you feel good, and it should contain a different assortment of colors and styles.

And shoes that are comfortable are a must. This applies to both men and women.

Having nice clothes does not mean having to break the bank or going in debt to buy them.You can dress with confidence, even if you don't have a lot of clothes. Just know how to mix and match.

Even though you don't have to spend a fortune on clothes, you should always buy good quality items. It is said that good quality clothing never goes out of style.

A woman can buy a three piece suit which consists of a pair of pants, a skirt, and a jacket and get several days wear out of it by adding different styles and colors of blouses and or sweaters to it. She can wear it as a casual, or as a career, outfit.

Once she gets four or five suits in her closet, she can build on her wardrobe by adding dresses, pants, matching shoes, and other accessories. It won't take long for her to feel very comfortable with her clothing lineup.

A man can have five or six pairs of pants and wear them with a different shirt every day and he will look great. A man should always have one or two suits and a few nice ties in his closet.

Even though fashions change, some clothing items never go out of style and look great for years. You don't always have to change with the change.

And also, sometimes, what goes around comes around. Clothes go out of style and then come back in style and you see them being worn years later.

Your wardrobe should be all about you and how you feel about yourself.


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