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The Right Colors

Colors are a very important part of any fashion statement and a colorful wardrobe makes you look chic and very fashionable.

When putting together your wardrobe, think about the color of your eyes, your skin tone, and the color of your hair. This should be a consideration for both men and women because some colors go good with almost anything and other colors don't.

This is why knowing your body is an essential part of choosing the right clothes for your wardrobe. Your skin tone and hair color can make a big impact on how what you are wearing looks.

If your eyes are blue, a mild colored blue shirt, blouse, or suit will bring out the blue in your eyes and make them stand out in a perfect match. Brown eyes and black eyes can go with almost any color in a wardrobe.

Hair color can really stretch the imagination because there are so many tints and shades to chose from if you don't stay with your natural color.

Solid colors are good for any wardrobe, especially for work and business affairs. White shirts and blouses can be easily coordinated with solid colored pants, skirts, jackets and blazers.

But don't limit yourself to basic colors like black, brown, gray, or blue. Green, red, yellow, and tan are also good colors to match and wear. Pink, purple, and pastel colors come and go but can be very stylish.

Pin stripes are good for the wardrobe because they come in all colors and shades because they can be matched perfectly with colors that are the same as the stripes or with the solid color.

Plaids, prints, polka dots, and flowered pieces can and should be a part of your wardrobe because they break the monotony of wearing the same colors every day.

Lighter colors are also excellent for wearing to work and to social functions, especially during the summer months.

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