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Formal Wear for Men

Most men never have an occasion to wear a tuxedo unless they are going to their high school prom, an awards ceremony, an anniversary party, or they are participating in a wedding ceremony. But every once in a while, they may be invited to a social occasion which calls for a tuxedo.

A man can't look any more elegant than when he is wearing a tuxedo for a formal affair. Wearing a tuxedo gives a certain degree of charm, grace, and distinction to a man who wants to make a statement, feel confident about himself, and give the woman on his arm a cause to feel good.

Even if it is not a black tie affair and he is wearing a nice fitting, expensive looking suit, a man can still make a lasting impression on a woman's mind, heart, and soul, without saying a word.

A black tie affair calls for a man to wear a tuxedo, and many men say that they don't enjoy wearing them. But they know they look good in them and they like the attention that a tuxedo brings to them.

Many fashion experts say that in some upscale and trendy cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, or Los Angeles, formal wear might mean wearing a black shirt, and no tie, with a tuxedo.

Formal wear could also be called a white tie affair. A white tie affair is also called “ultra-formal” and it requires that a man wear full dress, which in turn means white tie, a shirt, and a vest.

When fashion experts talk about formal wear for men, they say that there are other options, as well. There is what is known as the black tie optional, or black tie invited, which gives a man the option of wearing either formal dress, such as a dark suit or a tuxedo.

There is also an event that is classified as a semi-formal event, or an after five, social affair. This means that tuxedos are not required, but a nice suit should be worn.

If attending an evening wedding after 6 PM, this is semi-formal and a dark suit is what you should wear. A daytime, semi-formal event also calls for a dark suit. Dark colors lend themselves to formal and simi-formal occasions very well.

When dressing up, whatever you do, make sure you look neat and tidy. Before going out, a man's suit should always be clean and pressed, his tie smooth and silky looking, and he should always wear a nice, polished and shined, pair of shoes, especially when he attends a formal event.


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