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Men’s Sizes

Not all clothing manufacturers classify men’s sizes in the same way. However, in general, there is a men’s small, medium, large and extra large. Some companies have a size they call regular, and some have a big size for larger men, and/or a tall size.

Sizes can be very confusing and most men, at one time or another, need plenty of help trying to figure out what size is most appropriate for them.

There are tremendous discrepancies in the sizes that companies decided upon for their clothing line. When it comes to men’s shirts, a chest, neck and sleeve measurement must be taken and most stores have sizes small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra large (XL), extra, extra large (XXL) and triple large (XXXL). Some companies even have an extra small size (XS) for men.

A man with a chest size of 37-39 requires a small sized shirt while a medium size is for men who have a chest size of 40-42. Large is for those who are 43-45, while extra large is for 46-48.

To size pants correctly, a waist and hip measurement must be taken, as well as an inseam measurement.

To measure for a belt, wrap the tape measure around a pair of pants that fit well. Another option is to purchase a belt that is one size larger than than the man's waist size. 

When it comes to men’s sizes, half the battle is to take proper measurements and then arrive at the store armed with the necessary information to buy the right sizes.

For the best results possible, body measurements should be taken when a person is only wearing underwear or is wearing lightweight clothing.

A man should always keep his arms at his sides while another person measures him and he should always remember to stand up straight. The person doing the measuring must make sure that the tape measure is snug, but not tight, for the best results.

For the proper neck size, measure around the base of the neck, because it is the thickest part.

For a sleeve measurement, bend an elbow and place that hand on his hip The measurement must be taken from the middle of the back of the neck area, and then around the shoulder to the elbow and ending at the bone of the wrist.

To find out a proper chest size, measurements must be taken under the armpits, which is around the fullest portion of the shoulder blades and chest.

For waist size, measure around the area where a man generally wears his pants. For the hip measurement, legs must be approximately six inches apart, and it is the fullest part of the hips that must be measured.

The inseam measurement must be done from the crotch to the point at which a pair of pants stops. Shoes should always be worn for this measurement to be done accurately.

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