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Men’s Casual Wear

The key to everyday casual wear for men is to look neat, tidy and well put together. There is such a thing as casual and then there is "to casual or to laid back" wear that is only appropriate for lounging around the home, spending a day at the park, or taking a stroll on the beach.

Men should wear clothing that is comfortable, feels good, and looks good on them and they should make sure that whatever they wear when going out is clean, ironed or wrinkle free, and fits properly because even when wearing casual clothes, the first impression is a lasting impression.

Save your shirts and jeans with holes and stains on them for when you are fixing the car or doing jobs around the house. Also tank tops and ratty tee shirts are too casual to go anywhere in but they are good and comfortable for house and yard work. 

If your everyday casual wear is going to be worn to work as business casual, then make sure whatever you choose gives off an aura of professionalism and make sure that you always wear clothes that fit properly. A sport jacket is advised to complete your outfit, no matter what casual style you choose.

A collared shirt with an undershirt underneath is a casual look that works well for most men. A linen or flannel shirt is fine, but not the flannel shirt that are favored by hunters. A shirt that has a band collar is also a casual favorite.

Polo shirts and knitted shirts are perfect everyday casual wear for a man. If you wear a polo shirt, make sure the logo is that of your company, school, or local charity. The knitted polo is a nice change of pace from the ordinary polo shirt, and for summer wear, a short-sleeved shirt can be worn to beat the heat.

Khaki pants are fine for casual wear for men, as are corduroy pants, chinos and other types of denim slacks. Jeans are fine for everyday wear in some places but not others. If you wish to wear jeans to work for casual day, that may be alright, but it may not be appropriate for the rest of the week. 

Wearing a belt with your pants is a must and matching your belt with the color of shoes you wear will make you an instant winner in the everyday casual dressing department.

Matching is not just for your professional clothes. In fact, matching is one way to demonstrate to others that you have got it going on when it comes to fashion expertise and know how.

While you are at the matching game, wearing socks that match the color of the pants you wear, or a color that is very close, is an excellent way to be coordinated. The casual man is in his element and he looks great and feels good about himself while in it.

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