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Women's Shoes

When it comes to lady's shoes, and what woman doesn't like a new pair of shoes in her closet, there is much to talk about. First and foremost, it is important to always start with a properly fitting shoe, whether it be a dress shoe or a casual shoe.

According to a 1993 study done by the American Orthopedics Foot & Ankle Society, approximately 90 percent of women routinely wear shoes or boots that are too small for their feet.

Although not the best shoes for women, high heels are a popular choice for most. High-heeled shoes are elegant and make women look sexy and desirable.

The norm for most women who wear high-heeled shoes are heels that are between two and three inches. A heel such as this can be reasonably comfortable to walk in while still providing the added height a woman desires. But as a rule of thumb, the higher a heel is, the less practical it is to wear on a consistent basis.

As dress codes at many workplaces are relaxed, more and more women are wearing lower heeled shoes to work and saving their high heels for other occasions.

In figuring out what pair of high-heeled shoe is appropriate for a given occasion, a woman needs to have some fashion know how. What is considered to be the “little black dress” of shoes is a low-heeled sophisticated black pump. The most responsible of all heels are a pair of pumps that are kept at home for a business meeting, as in dressing for success, or an early dinner.

The “new black” high heeled shoe is a neutral pump. But don’t think white, think beige, cream or off white instead. A black dressy high heel is a must for all those show stopping social occasions such as a party, a dance, or elegant dinner extravaganza.

Look for a black high heeled dress shoe that is not too strappy but yet not too clunky- instead for understated elegance and charm, with a touch of sexiness thrown in for good measure.

As in the basic pumps category, black is fantastic but not always enough. When you need something just a little more glitzy and glamorous, wear a pair of silver or metallic high-heeled dress shoes. 

Different heel shapes have come in and out of style. In the late 1960's and 1970's, lower heeled shoes were the "in” style, but then higher heeled shoes took over in the 1980's and the early to mid 1990's.

The late 1990's saw the re-emergence of flatties and other lower heeled shoes. With the turn of the century, a wide variety of shoes have become popular, such as the stiletto heel, and the styles in ladies shoes just keep on changing.

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