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Women's Fashions (Everyday Casual Wear)

Everyday casual wear for women is usually whatever makes her feel comfortable while still being practical and stylish. If she is staying home for the day and don't have any special plans, then she should wear whatever, kicking it around the house, clothes that appeal to her.

It may be it a tee shirt and jeans, one of her favorite sweaters and a pair of drawstring, cotton pants, or, for the summer months, it might be a pair of comfortable shorts or her good ole dependable khaki capri's.

Everyday casual wear is a laid-back style that gets called everything from urban street wear, to slacker style, to geek chic, to weekend warrior attire. Regardless of what you call it, casual dressing is more acceptable and in style today that it has ever been before.

It is important to keep in mind that you build your casual clothing wardrobe the same way you build your professional work clothing. Mix and match, and find separates that can easily go together to make an outfit.

Ladies can build a casual wardrobe around basic styles by choosing three staple colors, such as black, navy blue, and khaki or be bolder and go with black, denim and red.

White sneakers are fine for the gym but they can ruin even the most casual everyday look for women. Shop for casual shoes that can pull an outfit together. A good suggestions may be retro sneakers that are made of a suede fabric and come in a variety of colors.

There are plenty of casual boots and sandals that also look great. What looks better with a pair of casual capri's in summertime than a pair of colorful flip-flops? Even if you prefer basic black or white flip-flops, your casual ensemble will still look casual summer stylish.

Braided belts look great with jeans for a casual look. Leggings and baggy sweats are fashion no-no's. Leggings were stylish and comfortable back in the 1980's, but let's face it ladies, that ship has sailed. Baggy sweats are shapeless and often look tacky. Lounge around home all you want with them on but do not pass your front door in them.

On the other hand if you are a fan of track suits, there are some flattering ones on the market that come in fun colors, such as blue or pink, and are made from rich, comfortable fabrics such as terry cloth or velour.

Everyday casual wear also includes days when you have to tackle tasks around your home and yard that can be dirty and messy. If you are pulling weeds in the garden or cleaning the basement, put on some old grungy duds and apologize to no one. After all, everyone needs their old, worn out, down home clothes to feel comfortable around the house.

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