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Ladies Underwear

Undergarments provide the foundation for dressing and wearing them gives a woman added support where she needs it and in many ways, gives her added self confidence when she faces the world everyday.

Besides being hygienic in nature, bras are designed to help support the breasts, that are made of adipose tissue and need support, so they do not begin to sag prematurely as a woman gets older.

Bra's come in many colors, shapes, sizes and styles. There are many types, brand names, and levels of comfort. Some have a casual look while other's are made for the serious minded woman.

The size of a bra is broken down into the band size and the cup size. The band size is identified by a specific number that describes the circumference around the body but does not include the breasts.

The cup size, on the other hand, is given a letter and corresponds to the volume of the breasts. Bras generally come in cup sizes A through DD with different manufacturers using different types of sizing charts for cup sizes.

The size of bra cups can vary with the band size of the bra. The band size of a bra is calculated by measuring a woman’s circumference underneath her breasts, keeping in mind that a certain amount has to be added because the ribcage, in most, is usually wider at the height of the breasts than at their actual body height.

According to many companies that design and manufacture bras, in determining a woman’s cup size, generally a difference of one inch (or 25 mm) calls for an A cup while two inches calls for a B cup (or 50 mm) and so on.

Slips and camisoles provide extra coverage for tops, skirts, and dresses that are a tad bit see through.

We all know why panties are worn, so that need no explanation. When it comes to buying women’s underwear, like buying any other piece of clothing, make sure you buy underwear that fit.

Don’t buy anything that is too loose or too tight. A loose pair of panties will cause unsightly panty lines while a too tight pair will dig into your abdomen and you will curse them, especially after meals.

The waistband of a pair of underwear should lay flat against your stomach as opposed to becoming curled or folded over. If it does either of these two things, you need to keep shopping until you find the right fit.

The sides of the crotch area should not give way to any excess fabric. Make sure that the seams do not fold inward. If there is fabric in the crotch area that sags, then the underwear is probably too big and you need to chose a smaller size.

Make sure that the panties you choose fit well and are comfortable in your thigh regions. Panties that are too loose fitting will sag at the thighs and will not allow you to wear more fitted styles of dresses, skirts, or pants.

Women’s undergarments are available in a tremendous array of materials, colors, and styles, from basic practical cotton to stylish sexy silks and satins. It is best to wear undergarments that allows your body to breathe.

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