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Dressing in Style

The most important aspect of dressing in style is you. Remember this! The woman makes the dress, as opposed to the dress making the woman. If you feel comfortable and attractive in an outfit, then you will feel self-confident. It will show on your face and in your body language. After all, a confident woman is sexy, and confidence plays a big role in how you look.

In order to dress in style and to build a wardrobe that is timeless, choose pieces that look incredible on you. Two such items for most women are "V necklines" and "portrait necklines" because they bring emphasis to the face, which is always good.

Monochromatic looks are always in style and wearing a dark color, such as black, has a slimming effect and gives a streamlined look. A monochromatic look suits every woman and is considered to be universally flattering. Wear a black blazer and black pants, for example, and then wear a white blouse under the blazer.

Simple, elegant, lines for clothing can never go wrong. A good example is a basic, off the shoulder tunic top in white or cream, or a ballet top that is paired with beige pants, giving a very sophisticated look.

Leather apparel is always in style, too. A black or brown leather coat or jacket, a leather skirt, or leather pants are away's on the winter "to wear" list.

Find your own unique look, as opposed to simply following whatever trends that are popular at the time. It is chic and stylish to adopt your own look.

Three-piece dressing is all about wearing clothes that show movement, and this is very stylish indeed. Parisian women are all about this mode of dressing, usually wearying a tank top, jacket and pants, or a tank top, shawl and skirt.

Choose clothes that really fit the curves of your body as opposed to clothes that are baggy, shapeless, and distinctly unflattering. Often wearing baggy clothes makes a woman look larger in size as opposed to smaller. Search for what designers call “an illusion of fit.” If a piece of clothing fits, that is half the battle to dressing in style.

In order to look terrific and to feel comfortable in your clothes, you must let go of your memories of what your body used to look like when you were 10 years younger or 20 pounds lighter. Go through your closet and keep everything that fits, is in excellent condition, and looks great. Dispense with all the rest. Dressing in style is about fashion today and not fashions from the past.

Remember that dressing in style is not just about your clothes but is also about the accessories that pull the look all together. Its about the lipstick, the earrings, the necklace, the nail polish, the scarf, the belt, the sunglasses, etc. Accessories are the extras that polish up your look and give it that last bit of oomph! 

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