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Hand bags are an important part of a woman's wardrobe. She will very seldom leave home without one because, in most cases, she will feel lost without it. Her hand bag is her best friend.

It is a fact that women usually carry many of their most important personal possessions in their hand bags. That is why most of their hand bags are so heavy. As an accessory, a hand bag, especially if it's a designer hand bag, is a big part of what makes a woman's fashion statement.

A hand bag should always match what a woman is wearing, especially her shoes. A woman who is fashion conscious knows that if she is wearing a pair of brown shoes, her handbag should be brown.

Hand bags also come in all sizes and shapes, which makes them easy to mix and match up with other fashion accessories. With several hand bags, a woman can dress up or dress down. All fashionable women know that owning a little black hand bag is a must.

When determining the size of a hand bag, if a woman is going to carry it on a daily basis, she usually picks one that is going to go good with her personality, as well as what she needs to carry in it. With most women and their hand bags, size does matter. Some women carry large hand bags because they carry a lot of their personal accessories in them.

What is meant by personal accessories? A woman's personal accessories are her skin care products, lotions, perfumes, lipsticks, combs, and hair brushes.

And then there are the cell phones, change, check books, telephone books, wallets with credit cards, identification cards, and pictures in them, car keys, house keys, jewelry, books and other items that they carry with them everywhere they go.

Some women carry fewer personal items in their hand bags than others so they may like carrying mid sized hand bags. They have just the right amount of interior space and they are not so heavy.

And then, for a night out on the town or for a special event with an elegant setting, there is the cocktail handbag, which is just big enough to carry the smallest amount of accessories such as identification and credit cards, lipstick and mirror, and car and house keys.

Hand bags come in many different shapes, which is also important because the shape matches the style of the woman. Some women like square bottom bags while others like the square look. Then there are the sleek flat look bags or the multi-creased purse like hand bags.

Regardless of the color, style, or shape, hand bags are an important part of a woman's wardrobe and the she has, the better she feels about her fashion statement.



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