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Buying Hand Bags

Buying a hand bag is a serious undertaking for any woman who is fashion minded and want to get the most for her money. There are many styles and brand names to choose from and the prices of each one will probably be different, even within a particular designer's own collection.

The types of hand bags, range from shoulder bags, tote bags, clutch bags, sporty bags, evening bags, messenger bags, to many other types of bags. Some are luxurious, some are fashionable, some are trendy, and others are feminine and sexy.

What a woman decides to spend on a hand bag depends on several important factors. The first thing is whether or not she can afford it. That says a lot because prices of hand bags can get quite high but there are hundreds of very inexpensive brand names.

All hand bags are different, not just in size and style, but in utility. Some hand bags are big and bulky, but have very little interior space and can not hold everything that a woman wants to carry, while some smaller types hand bags may hold quite a lot for their size.

Fashion designers understand that they need to make different styles and sizes of hand bags. They know this because different women want and need different amounts of utility space. They also know that it is what a woman wants that make all the difference when she is spending her money.

For companies that make hand bags, there is a lot at stake. When women are shopping, they need to see variety. So the more variety a company puts on the shelves, the more opportunity there is that one of their products will be bought.

A woman's desires are very important to all fashion designers, whether it is clothing, shoes, makeup, or hand bags. That is because she is not going to spend her money on something that she is not pleased with. Most women want a hand bag that fit her needs, as well as one that has style. She wants a hand bag that she feels good about when she is carrying it.

Something else that is dear to a woman when buying a hand bag is the color. Hand bags, like shoes, are made in almost every color imaginable and that makes a lot of sense because most women appreciate a variety of colors. They like to wear certain colors for certain occasions which requires different colored hand bags.

When a woman buys her hand bags, she looks at how the bag fits her size and her personality. You won't see too many petite women carrying large bulky bags and vice versa. Most women will buy hand bags that compliments her body, her wardrobe, and the colors that she like. Any woman will tell you that matching a hand bag's color with shoe color is a must.

Many department stores carry several brands of hand bags, but no one store carries all the different brands, so you have to shop around if you want to see as many as you can before making a decision to purchase.

Some name brand designers, like Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Farragamo, have their own stores set up in malls or on well known streets in ritzy neighborhoods. Other stores like Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, JC Penny, Macys, Mervyns, Target, and Sears carry designer brands and their own in store brands.



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